I have my ideologies, my principles, and my world view, but it is just mine and not yours, and I don’t expect you to fully understand me, but I will try to understand you. Trust me I want to.

This article will be a long one because there are lots…

A step by step guide in creating a simple web application using flask.

What is Flask?

Flask is a micro web framework written in python. Flask is similar to another python-based framework Django, but Flask is considered more pythonic than Django. Flask is easier to learn than compared to Django.

Elohim, Adoni, YHWH (Jehovah, Yahweh), Brahma, Shangdi, Baha, Allah these are the various names given to the idea of a monotheistic concept of the god, although Allah in Islam is not considered as the name of God but to god itself.

Since most of human history, which is only a…

Step by step guide to building a simple GET and POST method using python flask.

What is this article about

This article will take you through the steps in creating a simple flask application and write your own API for the application you are building.

I myself am a frontend developer, so I am familiar…

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